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News | June 13, 2023

Grechanik-Collins Professional Employee of the Year Awarded

By DCAA Staff Writer

Ms. Jenny Lindenbaum is this year’s Grechanik-Collins Professional Employee of the Year award winner. This award honors Ms. Karen Grechanik, former Chief, Financial Management Division and Mr. Dale Collins, former Chief, Human Resources Management Division and recognizes a distinguished DCAA supervisor, manager, or management official outside the audit community in grades GS-13 or higher.

Ms. Lindenbaum began her career as a Security Clerk with the Navy in 1984, before coming to DCAA and eventually being promoted to the Security Branch Chief in 2005. Over the last 21 years, she has systematically improved DCAA's security posture in every conceivable area.

Ms. Lindenbaum is an exceptional manager who leads with the highest standards. Under her leadership, she effectively centralized the security function, ensuring employees were always properly vetted and equipped to effectively perform the audit mission in both the classified and unclassified operational environments. Her management and personable leadership style has optimized the performance of each individual in the branch, created confidence and excellence within her organization and has greatly enhanced their customer-focused approach to serving DCAA.

In recognition of her exceptional leadership and contributions in service to the Defense Contract Audit Agency, Jenny Lindenbaum is recognized as the 2023 Grechanik-Collins Professional Employee of the Year Awardee.