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News | Nov. 27, 2023

Western Region Audit Branch Office - Grand Opening

By DCAA Staff Writer

The new Virtual Training Branch Office pilot successfully transitioned to the Western Audits Branch on Oct. 8, 2023. The Western Audits Branch benefits all current and future DCAA employees. This virtual office helps all new hires in the Western Region receive consistent onboarding, training, and coaching from a centralized and specialized team without having to travel.

The Western Audit Branch curriculum builds on the Defense Contract Audit Institute’s (DCAI) New Hire training framework. The new auditors work on audit tasks that supplement the DCAI training, which helps new auditors learn with real-world audit work. The Western Audit Branch focuses on structured and systematic on-the-job supervised training without adding additional workload to local office managers.

New auditors complete training by demonstrating a full understanding of contract audit fundamentals. They also graduate understanding the individual stages of an audit and how they relate to the overall audit. The Western Audits Branch continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of a centralized training system coupled with practice that reflects the true workload of the job for new auditors.

The Western Audits Branch also benefits managers who have the added confidence knowing that new team members have the same foundational auditor training, giving them more time to focus on their current workload.