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News | Feb. 22, 2024

Dave Bukauskas SES Induction Ceremony

By DCAA Staff Writer

Mr. Dave Bukauskas was inducted as a member of the Senior Executive Services (SES) during a ceremony on Feb. 13, 2024, at DCAA’s 2024 Leadership Conference. Mr. Bukauskas is now the Deputy Regional Director, Central Region.

During the ceremony, DCAA Director, Ms. Terri Dilly, highlighted, “Whether in a different agency, serving alongside the Warfighter in Afghanistan, or back in the states, Dave rises to the challenges and strives to improve efficiencies and contributes to the future of DCAA.”

Mr. Bukauskas started his federal career at DLA in 2009 where he worked in various auditing roles before becoming the Assistant Deputy Inspector General for Auditing in 2014. During his tenure at DLA, Mr. Bukauskas managed numerous complex projects before joining DCAA as a Program Manager in the Operations Directorate.

“A couple of pieces of cardboard, a gallon jug of water, a CD with pictures from a Regional Christmas part in 2002, and a plastic dinosaur… It’s what was left in the Deputy Regional Director’s office when I moved in a couple weeks ago. Cardboard, water, CDs, and a dinosaur.” The dinosaur is traditionally left in the office to serve as a reminder that “if we don’t evolve and continue to adapt, we too would end up extinct like a dinosaur.”

While reflecting on his personal and professional journeys, Mr. Bukauskas realized the image of the dinosaur and the evolution personally reflected on his leadership journey. Growing up in and around a military and sports environment, the hierarchical and authoritative leadership style was second nature. However, after both a U.S. Navy Captain and civilian Deputy Director presented at an event, Mr. Bukauskas was inspired to shift his perspective on leadership and reshape how he wanted to lead. Thankful that he is not the same leader as he was 10 years ago, Mr. Bukauskas is eager to continue evolving over time. “Evolve, don’t be a dinosaur… I will work to honor the faith and trust instilled in me with my appointment.”