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News | Feb. 28, 2024

Celebrating African Americans and the Arts with Stanley Jones

By DCAA Staff Writer

Mr. Stanley (Stan) Jones is a senior level auditor in a field detachment office who enjoys music, quilting, card-making, and more. Stan’s early exposure to the arts was inspired by his mother, a retired bone-marrow transplant nurse. “My mother, who passed away back in 2008 at the age of 76, made ceramics, loved to paint, loved math, and her side of the family had many musicians! At home, we had our own library in the house, and she encouraged us to read a lot of different types of books,” Stan fondly recalls.

Continuing his mother’s legacy, Stan actively contributes to his community by volunteering to teach after-school care for high-risk, low-income families in his local community. Believing that both children and adults should have enrichment in their learning experiences, Stan helps his community by teaching. “Instead of donating money, I purchase the learning content I want to share and teach it directly to the children,” he explains.

With an Associates and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Organ, Stan has always shared his love for art and crafts, making beanie caps, quilts, and hand-made cards for colleagues at DCAA. Outside of work, Stan dedicates his time to various leadership roles around Rochester, NY. He serves as a Trustee on the Audit Committee, overseeing 40 to 45 parishes, and as a treasurer at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church. Stan also serves as the co-treasurer of a local ministry board, where he collaborates on fiscal accountability and program development. “I enjoy witnessing the growth and impact my teaching has on the children and staff in these programs,” Stan reflects.