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News | March 12, 2024

DCAA Leaders Awarded for Exemplary Work

By DCAA Staff Writer

At the 2024 Leadership Conference, DCAA Director, Ms. Terri Dilly, dedicated time to recognize the exemplary work from DCAA leaders. These leaders received Director’s Challenge Coins, unique tokens that represent and recognize significant achievements. Challenge coins represent and symbolize honor and camaraderie, embodying the values, dedication, and spirit of excellence that define DCAA.

The recipients were selected for their outstanding contributions across a diverse range of areas within the agency. Demonstrating and exemplifying outstanding dedication both within DCAA and to DCAA’s customers, these leaders exemplified exceptional project and personnel management skills. They also advocated for new technological systems and software and demonstrated significant work to improve and nurture relationships with DCAA teams and customers. Supervisors were highlighted for significant work encouraging new employees, rising leaders, and cross-program partnerships.

Congratulations to all the recipients:

  • Joe Bucsko
  • Jameel Hasan
  • Cesar Rodriguez
  • Carol Valle
  • John “Mike” Green
  • Joshua Toma
  • Chris DiNapoli
  • Mark Inman
  • Kent Palermo
  • Jim Blackadar
  • Joyce Morgan
  • Christian Semana
  • Fredrick “Fritz” Dallmer
  • Suzanne Windes
  • Marie Lopez-Perez
  • John Woodman
  • Helen Sutter
  • Stephanie Ballard
  • Robert Gresham
  • Kacie Riaz
  • Katie Adamson
  • Stacey Proctor
  • Tamara Pecoraro-Harris
  • Angie Talley
  • Eric Shomburg
  • Mike McCurry
  • Reese Olger
  • Emory “Buddy” Brownlee
  • Shanda Turner
  • Lawrence “Lou” Brundidge
  • Renee Valentine-Garrett
  • Neil Tucci
  • Quan Chau
  • Temple Wilson
  • Shereka Gross