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News | March 20, 2024

Celebrating Women who Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Ms. Debbra Caw

By DCAA Staff Writer

When it comes to advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA), Ms. Debbra Caw rises as a true champion. With over 24 years of experience at the agency and more than 30 years of extensive leadership experience, she uses her experiences and position to make sure everyone can contribute to collaborating and sharing ideas to shape the future of the agency. Ms. Caw firmly believes that everyone should feel free and comfortable with who they are, and she emphasizes the importance of taking time to learn and understand others. Ms. Caw states, “Diversity is a fact of life. However, inclusion is a choice that we make every day. As leaders, we must recognize this is a concept that is to be embraced rather than tolerated.”

Portrait of person smiling at camera wearing glasses with an American Flag in the background.Ms. Caw’s beliefs extend to action; not only does she create ideas to enhance DEIA awareness, but she also leads projects that drive meaningful change. Her commitment to inspiring others to embrace inclusivity as a cornerstone of success is evident in her leadership. Ms. Caw consistently encourages and fosters an environment of openness and acceptance.

Through her leadership, Ms. Caw created successful mentorship and coaching programs that promote knowledge sharing, collaboration, and understanding. These programs provide opportunities for people within the agency who may not have previously had access to these types of resources. Advocating for employee wellbeing at DCAA, Ms. Caw follows the consistent research results that not only prove people are more productive, innovative, and creative when they function in diverse environments, but that they also benefit from diversity of personality, values, and ability. Her sponsorship of the DCAA DEIA council reflects her ongoing dedication to nurturing the next generation of DEIA champions in the ongoing journey of creating a more equitable and inclusive future.