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News | May 9, 2024

Alicia Freelon receives prestigious Spirit of Service Award

By DCAA Staff Writer

To celebrate Public Service Recognition Week, the Department of Defense announced Alicia Freelon as the distinguished recipient of the Spirit of Service Award, Mentoring and Developing Others. She received her award during a ceremony at the Pentagon on May 9, 2024. This award honors her exemplary dedication to mentorship and leadership within the public sector.

Alicia joined DCAA in 2007 where she naturally embraced coaching and mentoring roles. Her achievements and contributions to public service extend beyond DCAA and impact her local communities as an auditor, lead auditor, mom, mentor, and coach.

Leading teams and offices through intricate and time-sensitive audits, Alicia’s expertise ensures audits are thorough and responds to everyone’s needs. Her leadership skills navigating complex audit procedures earned widespread respect and reliance within her local office, other DCAA offices, and partner agencies such as the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). Mentorship and training are key focus areas for Alicia, participating in coaching and mentorship programs since 2021. Her specialization in all audits and willingness to share her knowledge fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth.

A notable example of her commitment to mentorship is from her time as a lead auditor for forwarding pricing audits. She built team confidence and focused on collaboration throughout the office. After she relinquished the lead role, she continued supporting and guiding her colleagues. Focusing on mentoring the new team lead, she continues to emphasize leadership development for everyone.

Beyond her professional work, Alicia actively engages in her local community. She coordinates office activities to boost morale, volunteers as the team mom for her son’s football team and served as a board member of the City Life Raptors Youth Sports Organization. Even before receiving the Spirit of Service award, Alicia exemplifies an unwavering commitment to excellence, mentorship, and community engagement. Her work not only elevates her local office, but also serves as an inspiration for others she works with throughout her professional and personal life.

Three professionally dressed people stand on stage in front of colorful flags with an award.

From left to right: Ms. Jennifer Walsh (Performance Improvement Officer and Director Administration and Management), Alicia Freelon, and Ms. Terri Dilly