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News | May 22, 2024

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Advancing Leaders Through Innovation Charity Quan

By DCAA Staff Writer

Charity Quan is a Regional Audit Manager (RAM) for the Western Region. Born in Los Angeles, Calif., she is the sixth of seven children in a large family that immigrated from southern China and is the second child of her family born in the United States. Her parents pursued a better life in the U.S. for Charity and her siblings. Charity shares, “My parents struggled through a lot to bring the family to the United States so that their children could benefit from the education and a world of opportunities they could only dream of. Their work ethic and values shaped how we live our lives.”

Reflecting on her journey, Charity emphasizes the values of respect and community support that both her Chinese American culture and family exemplified. Growing up in a diverse neighborhood in Southern California exposed her to a multitude of cultures and backgrounds, reinforcing the belief that despite differences, commonalities can always be found. This perspective shapes her approach to leadership in both her personal and professional life. At DCAA, she sees the agency as a united family, sharing the same goals and mutual respect for diversity. Truly embracing these values in her personal life, Charity internationally adopted her son from Columbia a year ago. Mixing her Asian American with her son’s Columbian heritage and values, Charity strives to create an accepting environment that inspires acceptance and embraces differences.

As a RAM, Charity oversees three offices with distinct characteristics and dynamics. Understanding the unique motivations and working styles of each team she shares, “I take the time to understand the people in each office. What motivates each person, and how each team works together. This gives me insight into how I can best modify my leadership to support them in their goals.” Building trust through open communication and fostering a supportive culture are central to her leadership philosophy. Beyond DCAA, Charity extends her support to government partners such as DCMA, embodying the collaborative spirit instilled by her upbringing. Understanding the importance of building trust and providing open communication, she sets the foundation for working and supporting one another.

Echoing her parents’ emphasis on education and seizing opportunities, Charity is committed to empowering her team to pursue growth and development, “I always tell people to keep an open mind to some opportunities that may be outside the box.” She uses respect, trust, and understanding to help encourage others to pursue opportunities. Drawing from her own experience as a participant in the Directors Developmental Program on Leadership, Charity believes in the transformative power of education and strives to create and encourage a culture that embraces learning and advancement, “I would like to support others to pursue these kinds of opportunities as well.”