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News | May 31, 2024

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Advancing Leaders Through Innovation with Sudhanshu Singha

By DCAA Staff Writer

Sudhanshu Singha is a Senior Auditor in an Eastern Region branch office and has five years of experience at DCAA. His parents were born in India and immigrated to the United States after they got married; while Sudhanshu was born in the US, he finds his heritage impacts his daily life. “Part of my heritage is emphasizing public service as there’s value working for the public.” Even before working at DCAA, he pursued a career in the state government, driven by his goal to give back to society.A person standing in yellow traditional Indian clothing with a colorful background.

Drawing on the lessons of his heritage, Sudhanshu brings a unique perspective to his role. He fosters an environment of respect and encouragement within his team and recognizes the importance of nurturing growth and understanding. Mentorship is a cornerstone of his leadership philosophy, rooted in his belief that sharing knowledge is essential to improvement. “I always encourage junior auditors to volunteer for new tasks and opportunities to demonstrate their skills. I try to help them embrace public speaking and become comfortable presenting topics at events as a crucial part of their development. We can all learn from each other no matter what level of expertise we have.”

Inspired by his own experiences at DCAA, Sudhanshu advocates for flexibility and positivity when facing change. Reflecting on the guidance of a previous supervisor, he emphasizes the importance of embracing challenges and avoiding frustration, “I learned how to creatively overcome and address changes in assignments and the work environment. A big piece of this is sharing knowledge, there’s always value bringing new ideas on how to do something.” Honoring his heritage and what he’s learned in his professional career, Sudhanshu exemplifies his values to support future generations of auditors in their success.