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Feb. 23, 2021

Three Generations of Service

Senior Auditor Essence Williams, Mountain View Branch Office, Arlington, TX, comes from a family with a long history of military, federal, and state service. Her maternal grandparents have a combined 70 years of public service and her parents have a combined 66 years of public service. Her grandfather fought in the Vietnam and Korean Wars while her

Feb. 16, 2021

DCAA’s New Orleans Branch Office Meets the Mission While Defying Mother Nature

Editor’s Note: Today is Mardi Gras, a seemingly appropriate day to highlight our New Orleans Branch Office. Laissez les bons temps rouler!DCAA’s New Orleans branch office, as its name implies, is located in New Orleans, La. The office has sub-offices in Baton Rouge, La., Fort Walton, Fla., and Fort Rucker, Ala. They provide audit service to the

Feb. 11, 2021

Former Government Contractor Sentenced for Role in Bribery and Kickback Scheme

DCAA auditor Racquel Alvarado and former auditor Ebony Bumphus assisted in the investigation of a bribery and kickback scheme that resulted in a prison sentence.On Jan 15, 2021, John Winslett, a former government contractor, was sentenced to 70 months in prison, followed by 3 years supervised release, and $150,000 in fines, for his role in a

Feb. 9, 2021

The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity

My black family is large; my mother is one of 12 children birthed by my grandmother who picked cotton, fruits, and vegetables as a part time job. She could turn a few simple ingredients into something so amazing!  Due to the massive number of people, our family gatherings are basically events. We take up a section at church, “ain’t” and “y’all” are

Jan. 26, 2021

INSITU, Inc. to Pay $25 Million to Settle False Claims Act

DCAA auditor Jim Knauss assisted in the investigation of an alleged violation of the False Claims Act by INSITU, INC. His knowledge of the contracts and his damage calculations significantly contributed to the successful results of the investigation.On January 12, 2021, Insitu, Inc., headquartered in Bingen, Washington, agreed to pay $25 million to

Dec. 11, 2020

Audit Team From Atlanta Branch Office Earns Letter of Appreciation

An audit team from DCAA’s Atlanta Branch Office was recognized for their exemplary performance and communication while providing support to U.S. Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal. The audit was on a $285M follow-on contract proposal for the High Mobility Engineering Excavator. The audit evaluated $171M of proposed subcontract, direct