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Use your accounting background in a very different way
Auditing takes your accounting skills beyond debits, credits, financial statements, balance sheets, and tax returns. You will develop an intimate familiarity with the contract auditing process, acting as an independent auditor to ensure that the prices the government pays for goods and service are fair and reasonable. Your curiosity and analytical skills will be put to the test every day.


Grow professionally and personally
DCAA is committed to the continuous development of our team. We'll help you get your advanced degree and CPA, maintain your certifications, and train you in all the unique skills required to be a successful contract auditor. Your training and your career may take you across the country — or around the world — to conduct audits on contractors throughout the US and in dozens of countries. There's even the opportunity to deploy to a conflict zone to work alongside our troops.


Feel good about what you do
As a representative of the Federal government, you will be serving not only the Department of Defense and our men and women in uniform, but also the taxpayer: your friends, family, and neighbors.


Enjoy all the other benefits of federal service
Working for the Federal government comes with a lot more than just peace of mind, and at DCAA you'll enjoy it all:

  • Commitment to work-life balance
  • Flexible work hours and teleworking opportunities
  • A generous leave package
  • Unparalleled benefits and retirement programs
  • Competitive compensation


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