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A career with DCAA can be highly rewarding on a number of levels. Here's what it takes to join our team.

You can qualify for an auditor position by meeting basic education requirements or a combination of experience and education requirements:

Education Requirements

  • Have at least a bachelor's degree in accounting/auditing; OR
  • Have a bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, or public administration that includes 24 semester hours of accounting (may include up to 6 hours in business law).

Combination of Experience and Education Requirements
At least 4 years of experience in accounting/auditing and one of the following:

  • 24 semester hours in accounting/auditing (may include up to 6 hours in business law); OR
  • License as a CPA or CIA; OR
  • Degree in another field that includes at least 15 semester hours in accounting/auditing.

Desired Characteristics
Education and experience are only part of the story. If you really want to succeed as a member of the DCAA team, you'll need to have the following characteristics:

  • Self-motivation and persistence – You must be able to work independently, and you will be expected to see a project and its challenges through to the end.
  • Organization and the ability to multi-task – Our work involves reviewing complex agreements, and you'll be responsible for analyzing and auditing multiple aspects of contracts. You can definitely look forward to a lot of variety in your work.
  • Interest in research, analysis, and problem solving – We need auditors who like a challenge. To succeed at DCAA, you'll need to dig into complex contracts, understand them completely, and serve as a trusted advisor to your customers on every aspect of these agreements.
  • Outstanding written and oral communications skills – You will report your findings in a number of ways and work with all kinds of people on a daily basis. The ability to communicate what you need, or what you have found, will be critical.
  • Good listening skills – Sometimes the piece of information you are seeking isn't found in a spreadsheet or document, it's found in a conversation. Your work will involve interacting with people – contractors, customers, colleagues – whose expertise is just as important to the process as yours. Listening well ensures that you benefit from that expertise.
  • Diplomacy and negotiation skills – Getting what you need isn't always just a matter of asking for it. Our contractors do want to work collaboratively with us, but their interests and the Government's don't always align perfectly. The ability to find common ground and mutually agreeable solutions will be keys to your success as a DCAA auditor.
  • Confidence – From the earliest stages of your career with DCAA, you will have the authority to act on the Agency's behalf. Your work will frequently involve interaction with contractors' senior financial staff, often including Chief Financial Officers. Your personal confidence will be supported by your education, your DCAA training, and the knowledge that you are working on behalf of your fellow citizens.


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