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News | Sept. 2, 2020

Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control Office – Varied, Complex, Technologically Advance Products bring Diversity to Audit Mission

By DCAA Staff Writer

There is more to Orlando, Fl. than the Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios – DCAA’s Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control office is also there. The office is an amazing, diversified group of individuals who truly embody what it means to work as team. The employees are always willing to help each other accomplish the mission, which is as varied, complex, and technologically advanced as the products they audit.The leadership fosters an environment that has the feel of a large family and a home away from home.

The office has about 30 employees divided between the main office and a suboffice located in Lexington, Ky. As the name implies, the office audits contracts related to Lockheed Martin, which is a major defense contractor manufacturing a wide range of military equipment.

The majority of the office workload is focused on a specific type of audit called a forward pricing proposals. The government procures specific work from Lockheed Martin, who then estimates the total costs anticipated to execute the work.  DCAA then audits these estimates to ensure that the government receives a fair and reasonable price.  The office also performs incurred costs audits, which are an audit of the contractor’s actual costs incurred in a given time period, usually a fiscal year.

The Orlando and Lexington offices support several Lockheed Martin business segments so the office performs audits on a wide range of military equipment. One segment specializes in various missiles used on aircraft, ships, and also ground launched types. This segment also develops a variety of electronic devices used in targeting.  A second business segment specializes in training for pilots, both fixed and rotary wing. Finally there is a segment focused on logistics services and Army Special Forces equipment. The wide range of products and services means there is always something new to research as the audits are conducted.

While the office works hard, their motto is “teamwork makes the dream work.” The Resident Auditor, Tonya Upshaw, stated “considering the perspective and input of others helps us develop strong audit positions and improves the U.S. Government’s sustention during negotiation and support of proposal audits.”  Teamwork includes bringing in the expertise of other DCAA offices, Technical Specialists, and liaison officers, as well as encouraging flexibility, innovation, and creativity.

Teamwork is also evident in the office culture which is fast paced, rewarding, and caring. The staff as a whole are invested in the collective well-being of each other, and the leadership works very hard to ensure the staff feels valued, appreciated, empowered and invested in DCAA’s mission and vision. Teamwork is also fostered through celebrating success and accomplishments with luncheons, Ice cream parties, and other fun activities like potlucks during holiday season gathering as an office to enjoy each other’s company and food.

And no, the office staff cannot get you discount tickets to any attraction in Orlando ;-)