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News | March 29, 2021

Mr. Robert Landry Inducted into Senior Executive Service

By DCAA Staff Writer

Mr. Robert J. Landry was inducted into the Senior Executive Service and assumed duties as the Director for the General Dynamics Raytheon Technologies Corporate Audit Directorate (CAD) on March 15, 2021. Mr. Landry has over 30 years of defense contract audit experience and has held a variety of leadership positions in DCAA including first-line supervisor, Field Audit Office manager, Regional Audit Manager and Deputy CAD Director. "As a new-hire right out of college in 1989, I never could have imagined I would be part of the SES someday,” stated Mr. Landry. “Fortunately, our Agency provides so many opportunities. My advice to anyone looking to progress in DCAA is to look for these opportunities, advocate for yourself, and be willing to take on new challenges." 

In 2010, he planned and executed a major restructuring in DCAA aligning all auditors who performed audits for a large defense contractor under a single chain-of-command. This ultimately became the model of the Agency’s CAD realignment in 2016, impacting all DCAA operations. In 2018, he led the former Raytheon/General Dynamics/BAE CAD in eliminating a significant backlog of incurred cost audits closing 190 contractor fiscal years, more than doubling the prior year’s results while examining over $42 billion of incurred costs. Mr. Landry recently led his CAD in the implementation of data analytic auditing tools resulting in over 4,500 hours fewer audit hours in comparison to traditional testing methods. 

Mr. Landry joins DCAA’s executive team leading the 4,600 members of the workforce as they accomplish their mission delivering high quality contract audits and services to ensure that warfighters get what they need at fair and reasonable prices.