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News | May 18, 2022

5-Years at the DCAA Alaska Sub-office

By Jonathan Wood

Thanks to the many unique opportunities DCAA can offer, I had the chance to spend the last five years working as a Supervisory Auditor at the Alaska Sub-Office in Anchorage, which is part of the Seattle Branch Office.  This opportunity surpassed all expectations inside and outside of work through many ups and some downs that all helped me grow as an auditor, leader, and person.

man in an ice cave
During his time in Alaska, Mr. Woods grew as an auditor and person.
man in an ice cave
Supervisory Auditor Jonathan Woods
During his time in Alaska, Mr. Woods grew as an auditor and person.
Photo By: Jonathan Woods
VIRIN: 220518-D-DV043-1005

The Alaska Sub-Office itself provided me with invaluable audit and leadership experience.  I learned countless things from my many RAMs, Branch Managers, FAQs, the other Alaska SA that was with me for the first three years, and all the auditors part of my team.  The Seattle Branch Office provided the uniqueness of three different time zones which forced me to learn quick on how to supervise and be supervised from a distance, which unknowingly at the time, prepared all of us for working through COVID.  I gained very unique audit experience from auditing the local University to auditing many different Alaska Native Corporations, who strategically utilize the 8(a) Small Business program.  These corporate families can have up to 30 different segments, in which all submit their own vouchers, PBRs, and ICE submissions, which creates a very unique work load.  Through being a guest presenter at the local procurement conferences, I was able to challenge myself to gain more confidence with public speaking.  I also would have never anticipated dealing with the aftermath of a major 7.0 earthquake, which included working with GSA to clean up and repair the damage to our office.  Lastly, to all the team members who always went out of their way to make me feel comfortable.  These relationships will never be forgotten or taken for granted. 
mountains in Alaska
Mountains of Alaska
During his time in Alaska, Supervisory Auditor Jonathan Wood experienced personal and professional growth. And had a great adventure.
Photo By: Jonathan Wood
VIRIN: 220518-D-DV043-1008

In addition to all that, what an amazing opportunity it was to get to learn and experience Alaska.  I never would have anticipated the chance to experience the northern lights, the beautiful summer hikes at perfect 70-degree weather, the countless glaciers visited, kayaking both the beautiful sea and crystal clear blue lake waters, whitewater rafting in frigid water, the vast and unique wildlife seen out on adventures or even right outside my front door, the dark winters, and even the never-ending daylight summers with blankets covering my windows just so I could sleep (still get made fun of locally for this).  Also, what a privilege it has been to visit some of the small towns and villages to learn about the local Alaskan native tribes and people.  Alaska is truly one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth, and I will never forget my time here.