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News | Feb. 16, 2023

Recruiting Summit

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA’s human capital and auditor recruiting team conducted a recruiting summit to kick off the Agency’s updated on-campus recruiting strategy. The group met for two days in Dallas, Texas to learn all the aspects of recruiting on campus from in-person outreach to virtual tools.

During the summit, human resource specialists and recruiters exchanged ideas on outreach to potential candidates and best practices for social media and communication. During mock interviews and practice encounters with interested students, the recruiters were able to put the lessons learned during the summit into practice. Ms. Ann Parker, Strategic Recruiter, ended the summit reminding each auditor recruiter and human resource specialist that recruiting is a team event and it will take the efforts of all in the room to bring in quality candidates. “One team, One fight!”

While DCAA has always had auditors recruiting on campus, this new approach is designed to put dedicated recruiters and human resource professionals on select campuses to rapidly hire new employees by eliminating the requirement to apply through USAJOBS. Interested individuals can meet our recruiters, either in person or virtually, submit transcripts and resumes, and, if qualified, be interviewed the same or next day. Our human resource specialists will then reach out with a hiring decision within five days. Ms. Kim Litherland, Deputy Director Human Capital and Resource Management, said of this new approach, “neither candidates nor DCAA benefit from a long, drawn out process and we anticipate this new approach will be beneficial for both parties.”

The new approach is just one aspect of DCAA’s recruitment efforts. Virtual meet and greet sessions with auditors will still be conducted as will dedicated in-person hiring events in select locations. For all the opportunities to meet with our recruiting team, visit our careers website.