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June 9, 2020

European Branch Office Wins Salute to Savings Award

DCAA’s European Branch office in Wiesbaden, Germany, earned The Department of Defense Salute to Savings Award for their work on high profile, high risk audits related to the F-35 fighter aircraft, which is being built in the US, Italy, and Japan with components from over 1,900 companies.  DoD presents this award annually to recognize teams whose

June 5, 2020

Congressional Fellowship Introduces Auditor to the Legislative Process

DCAA’s Corporate Audit Manager Jacque Hlavin spent 2019 as a Congressional Fellow working for Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D – FL) as a policy advisor. This opportunity was possible through the Brookings Legislative Fellowship Program.  Her first two weeks in the program were a “boot camp” on how Congress works. Then she was off to work in the

June 2, 2020

Car Rental Agency Enters a Civil Settlement Agreement for $3 Million

On May 14, 2020, Enterprise Holdings entered a civil settlement agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Missouri, Civil Division acting on behalf of the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO). Under the settlement, Enterprise paid $3 million to the U.S. Government to repay overcharges billed to DTMO from October 1, 2010, to

May 29, 2020

Virtual Fun Run Keeps Auditors Moving

DCAA’s Northrop Grumman Enterprise Services and Northrop Grumman Corporate offices participated in a virtual fun run to celebrate "May the 4th Be With You Day" on May 4th the official Star Wars holiday. This is the fourth consecutive year for the race, and the first year it was conducted as a virtual fun run due to COVID-19 restrictions. Employees

May 28, 2020

Central New York Construction Companies and Others to Pay Nearly $4.5 Million to Resolve Allegations of Fraud Involving Contracting Opportunities Meant for Disabled Veterans

On May 4, 2020 the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York announced Northland Associates, Inc., its president James Tyler, The Diverse Construction Group, LLC, and their bonding agent, Rose & Kiernan, Inc., have agreed to pay the United States $4,470,000 to resolve allegations that they fraudulently exploited contracting

May 20, 2020

Asian American Pacific Islander Month: Heritage leads Auditor to DCAA

I am Shwezin Oo, an Auditor with Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), McLean Resident Office. I am an Asian-American with a mix of several nationalities; Burmese, Thai, and Chinese.  My heritage and parents are originally from Yangon, Myanmar (formerly Burma). My great-grandparents on my mother’s side are Chinese-Thai and on my father’s side are

May 19, 2020

Technology and Communication Overcome Teleworking Challenges

DCAA began teleworking 100 percent of the time in mid-March. Overnight, homes became offices, and the normal way of conducting an audit was no longer possible.  Social distancing and stay-at-home orders meant DCAA’s auditors could no longer physically visit a contractor to observe processes, verify procedures, and pick-up documents. Delays in

May 14, 2020

Thank You from a Small Business for Assistance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For a small business contractor, knowing you will be paid in a timely manner is essential to maintaining operations, particularly as these companies face new uncertainties associated with changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. DCAA’s Tampa Bay Branch Office understands this and, when the pandemic was declared, acted to support their small

May 7, 2020

No Shortage of Ideas to Maintain Employee Connections During Telework

DCAA employees have been teleworking for about a month now and managers and supervisors are coming up with creative ways to keep employees connected and morale high. While it is commonplace to check on each other with a phone call, DCAA’s managers and employees are thinking outside the box to maintain teamwork.Many creative ideas center around the

May 5, 2020

Teaching is Helping People and Watching Them Grow

Editor’s Note: This is the final article in our series celebrating National Teacher Day. Laurie Wunderley has a passion for helping people and watching them grow. She applies this passion to her students in the Audit Applications course, which is the third course for DCAA’s new auditors. Laurie began teaching at DCAI in November 2018 as an adjunct