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Career News | Oct. 12, 2020

4 Tips to Pass the USA Hire Assessment

By DCAA Staff Writer

All candidates applying for an auditor position at DCAA must pass the USA Hire assessment in order to be eligible. This is an important step in your application process, and may seem daunting - but understanding and preparing for the assessment will help you make the grade.

Check out these 4 tips to help you ace the test:

Two men on a tablet1. Keep an eye out for the email

Within 24 hours of applying for an open position on USAJOBS, you’ll receive an email with a link to the assessment. You have 48 hours from when you receive the email to complete the assessment.    Don’t forget to check your spam folder! 

  If you need further assistance, reach out to the contact person listed on the Job Opportunity Announcement, or submit a Help Desk ticket for   technical issues.

clip art calendar2. Take it seriously

This is a required part of your application, so make sure to give it the attention you need to do well. Your score also stays with you for a year—if you don’t achieve DCAA’s passing score, you      cannot be considered for any auditing positions until you retake the test.


Clipart laptop3. Take it in one sitting

The average time it takes for candidates to complete the assessment is 2-3 hours. We recommend that you set aside the time to take it in one sitting so you can properly focus.


Clipart checkmark4. Prepare and practice

But what is on the test? It will cover topics such as arithmetic, reasoning, decision making, integrity, and interpersonal skills. USA Hire has some sample questions to show the types of      topics you may encounter in the assessment. 

DCAA searches for top candidates to join our auditing team, so we want to ensure you understand this important application step. Learn more about it on our Applicant Testing page.