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Career News | May 19, 2019

Using USA Jobs to Find Federal Employment

By DCAA Staff Writer

One of the most common phrases a recruiter hears is “how do I get a job in the federal government? It seems so difficult.”

While the process for finding and applying for a federal position may seem daunting, it actually isn’t. The first place to start for almost all federal positions is USA Jobs.

USA Jobs is the federal government’s official source for job postings, job applications, and employment information. It is hosted online and best of all, it is free for everyone to use. All a potential job seeker has to do is create an account on the site using their preferred email address. Registration is as easy as providing an email address, creating a username, and agreeing to the USA Jobs terms and conditions. Once registered, users can upload their resumes or create a federal resume, search for potential job matches, and apply directly to jobs.

Searching for potential job matches is also as easy as typing in an agency name, job position or type, location, or salary range into the search bar. USA Jobs will pull up all positions that match the search terms. You can even narrow you search further to include positions that are open to the public or only open to current agency employees.

USA Jobs offers a wide variety of resources to help improve your federal job search. They offer a mobile app so you can find jobs on the go. A resume and document repository for storing your resumes, cover letters, and other candidate documents such as diplomas and veteran’s preference. You can create customized job alerts and email notifications to receive newly posted positions automatically in your inbox or you can set up an RSS feed to receive updates and new content based on your searches. USA Jobs also offers an in-depth resource center that provides tutorials, FAQs, and job search tips to help you get the most out of your federal job search.

So what are you waiting for? Hop over to USA Jobs and start your job search today. DCAA also has a wide variety of openings that you can check out now: