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Career News | March 2, 2020

What to Expect at an Expedited Hiring Event

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA conducts several expedited hiring events during the year. These are not career fairs that you attend to learn about a company, but instead are an opportunity to interview and possibly get an on the spot job offer.  

If you plan on attending one of our expedited hiring events you should first apply to our job announcement. Applying ahead allows our human resource staff to screen your documents, determine if you are qualified, and coordinate your interview time at the hiring event. Once you arrive at the event, our staff will have you fill out a short form and then take you to your interview with a panel of our auditors and supervisors. If you do well during the interview you will be given an on the spot job offer, start your security check, and select a preliminary work location. All of this is tentative and you can certainly change your mind at a later date. If you are not offered a job, our human resource staff will discuss with you the reason why and give you suggests for improvement.

If you didn’t apply to the job announcement and just walk in, we’ll fit you in for an interview as time allows. Our human resource staff will review your resume and transcripts to see if you are qualified. If you are qualified, we’ll provide you a link to apply for a position. If you are not, we’ll explain what steps you need to take to become qualified.  

Regardless of how you arrive at our expedited hiring event, please bring your resume and transcripts. You also might want to learn a bit about our agency because our interview panelists will ask. We also recommend bringing a snack as the whole process can take a little over 2 hours.

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