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Career News | Dec. 21, 2020

Can You “Network” in the Federal Government? How to Learn About DCAA

By DCAA Staff Writer

In the private sector, networking is usually considered one of the most important elements of a job search. Jobseekers are encouraged to build a strong network within their career field, with emphasis on reaching out for informational interviews, shadowing professionals, and building connections who may then refer you for a position.

In the federal space, DCAA and other agencies are required to post open positions on USAJOBS, and most positions are filled on a competitive basis. That means positions are filled based on the applicants’ ranked qualifications and required testing (or in some cases through special hiring programs, such as for veterans or individuals with disabilities).

Don’t get us wrong, it certainly helps to know people in the industry that can vouch for your work ethic and character, but federal “networking” is mainly used as a means to learn more information about an agency or career or participate in a private organization.

So how can you learn about opportunities at DCAA?

There are a variety of membership organizations that DCAA has worked with, and that DCAA employees may be members of, to introduce candidates to potential careers in auditing, accounting, and more. Some may have conferences, seminars, and other activities open to students or even non-members. DCAA partners with several associations, both for the broad industry and for under-represented groups, to find talented candidates, including:

For Broad Auditing and Federal Employment

For Specialized Groups

Career fairs and events present a particularly important opportunity to learn more and connect with DCAA recruiters. DCAA auditor-recruiters frequently attend career fairs, campus presentations, and other events. That gives students and other job seekers the opportunity to talk directly with experienced federal employees who can share information about jobs, as well as the federal pay, benefits structure, and other aspects of DCAA employment. 

See what recruitment events DCAA will be at next to learn more about how to apply!