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Career News | Dec. 30, 2020

How DCAA Employees Contribute to the DoD Mission

By DCAA Staff Writer

As part of the Department of Defense, DCAA experts audit the government contracts that produce vital equipment and systems for military operations, ensuring that contract costs are fair and reasonable. Supporting the warfighter and protecting the taxpayer is the mission we strive toward every day and with each audit. So what does that service mindset look like at the Agency?

DCAA employees know their work is about more than just numbers; everything they do impacts our DoD servicemembers. “DCAA gives me an opportunity to give back to the country,” said Branch Manager Justin Carder. And through “working with the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), we feel very connected to the warfighter.”

No matter their position, DCAA employees support something larger than themselves. For some employees, there may be opportunities to work with soldiers side by side, clearly seeing how audit work impacts the boots on the ground. Others may find opportunities to audit the latest military technologies, from radar parts to exhausts on a bomber. From the auditors in the field to the essential non-audit support staff, every DCAA employee helps protect the American taxpayer and our Nation’s service members.

“I have always been very service-oriented,” says Senior Auditor Bobbi Grimes-Davis, “so fit because what we do here is ensure that taxpayers dollars aren’t wasted.” And the amount saved is certainly not insignificant. The audits performed help save our government more than $3 billion annually. “I am extremely proud of our contributions to the mission through the services we provide,” notes Regional Audit Manager, Jason Besser.

DCAA takes pride in the meaningful contributions our employees make and their dedication to the mission. “I live next to an air force base...and it feels good to know that what [I do] is helping save them money,” says Supervisory Auditor Kody Quast. “I like to tell the stories [of what I do] to my kids, so they can understand how cool and impactful our work is. It's not just about the numbers.”

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