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Career News | Feb. 18, 2021

How do DCAA Interns Manage School and Work?

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA participates in a federal Pathways Program, which is a paid program that introduces current students to opportunities in the government sector. DCAA prides itself on creating this opportunity for students while recognizing that their top priority is their education. Check out what DCCA interns have to say about the ways they balance work and school responsibilities throughout their internships.


DCAA’s Pathways Internship Program is flexible, allowing interns to choose how they balance their time between work and classes. “I personally work on Fridays as that fits my class schedule best,” says Thomas Mullen. “If I wanted to work more time, I could. If I need to take time off for midterms and finals, I am allowed to do that. That flexibility is what makes this such a great internship for me.” Sarah Crownover notes a similar experience, saying “I work two days a week on days that I have the least amount of classes. I then schedule most of my classes [on] the remaining three days of the week.”                             College aged girl talking with friends    

Planning Ahead

Interns are encouraged to plan their schedules in advance so they can best manage their work and school responsibilities. “I prepare my schedule so that there is no conflict between work and classes. I also write all of my assignments down to keep track of crucial deadlines,” states Anna Quach. Another DCAA intern, Kailyn Bryant, adds “I schedule my classes in the afternoon so I can work in the morning. And I take off days that I know I’ll have multiple tests.”

Time Management

It is important for students to have enough time to accomplish their school assignments, but they are still expected to perform well at work. Camila Echeverry-Arango notes that she [balances] work and class responsibilities by making a schedule of what I need to get done each day, making sure I am getting enough sleep to work more efficiently.” Other DCAA interns practice time management by dedicating a set number of hours to each class or utilizing the free time they have on weekends. “It really teaches you the value of time management and the importance of having a good work ethic,” says Lucas Mazzarella.

DCAA interns are hired throughout the year and receive a two-week formal onboarding training, followed by additional auditing courses and on-the-job training. See our website for more information about the Pathways Internship Program and how you can apply.