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Career News | March 22, 2021

5 Things Gen Z Values in the Workplace

By DCAA Staff Writer

Born at the turn of the millennium, Generation Z is recognized as one of the most demographically diverse and technologically connected generations. As members of this generation begin to enter the workforce, it is important to acknowledge how their needs and ways of learning differentiate from their Millennial and Baby Boomer counterparts. Based on research by BridgeWorks and the Center for Generational Kinetics, check out these 5 values to help best foster positive interactions between all employees

  1. Continuous Learning - Generation Z prioritizes professional development and on-the-job learning. They want a workplace that offers opportunities for growth, including both formal training programs and informal interaction. They are eager to learn in structured environments, such as seminars or certification courses, but smaller actions are also very helpful, like receiving constructive feedback on deliverables to learn from mistakes. Informing employees about the ways they can expand their knowledge is a great way to inspire members of Generation Z to flourish in the workplace.
  1. Diversity and Inclusion - Members of Generation Z want to be a part of an organization that is both diverse and inclusive. They want to see women and people of color being represented in leadership positions. Diversity and inclusion can also be embodied in the workplace through mentorship programs or small groups where like-minded individuals can share their experiences. Supervisors should check in with their employees to make sure they feel like their voices are being heard. 
  1. Collaboration - In general, Generation Z prefers collaborative environments that allow them to brainstorm and connect with members of a team. They want to know that their opinions are valued and are contributing to the success of the final product. Giving Generation Z anOld gentleman talking with younger man. opportunity to collaborate with their co-workers will help them thrive in the workplace and expand their capabilities. 
  1. Balance - Generation Z prioritizes a work-life balance more than previous generations. Members of this generation appreciate when employers recognize that employees have responsibilities outside of work and offer the flexibility to balance them. Offering employees the option to telework or adjust work hours is one way of supporting balance.
  1. Ownership - Members of Generation Z want to be a part of a project from start to finish. These employees work best when given ownership of their work, so they can take initiative without being micromanaged. It is also important that supervisors clearly outline expectations and set goals for them to meet, to ensure everyone is aligned in their expectations before the beginning of a project.

DCAA aims to encourage the best culture between all employees, which means understanding the attributes and desires of this new workforce. Learn what programs and values we uphold to foster these 5 factors at