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Career News | June 21, 2021

5 Tips to Impress in the Interview

By DCAA Staff Writer

You’ve passed the USAJOBS Hire Assessment, applied for the job, and have been asked to interview with DCAA. Now what? Here are five tips to help you best impress in your interview:

  1. Research DCAA ahead of time. Do your homework and research DCAA’s mission, values, and role in the Department of Defense. Whether you are specifically asked what you know about DCAA or get the opportunity to speak to this, it will show you are informed and put in effort. Start by looking at the company’s website and social media.
  2. Review the Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA) before your interview. You will be asked about what makes you a great candidate for the position and what relevant education or experience you have. This is an opportunity to tie your resume and qualifications to specific parts of the JOA. Expand on how your strengths and knowledge will apply to a position with DCAA.
  3. Showcase your knowledge.  Plan how to relate your specific job or academic experience to the position’s requirements. For an auditing position, be prepared to speak to the process you use when conducting an audit or accounting work. This could include systems you have in place to reduce errors, mitigate risk, or what software you are familiar with. You may also be asked to address how you would work within a team or best maintain communication with the client throughout a project. If you are a recent graduate without prior workforce experience, see our blog on how to tailor your experience to the position in your federal resume.
  4. Set yourself apart. You want to make sure you're making yourself memorable. You could connect to the interviewer by detailing an interesting project you completed or audit you conducted, or sharing a unique perspective. If you are a recent graduate, perhaps share how your experience in a class or extracurricular activity relates to the work you would do. Speaking confidently about these topics will help you stand out.
  5. Ask questions. If you’re interviewing for an auditor position, DCAA interviewers are auditors too! They will be able to share unique information about your role. But no matter the position, asking questions may help you gain a clearer understanding of what your responsibilities would be, who you might work with, and what opportunities for growth are available within the Agency. Plus, asking questions shows your interest in DCAA and readiness to join the team.

The interview is a great opportunity to showcase your experience and skills. Check out the Careers page to learn more about DCAA’s work and mission!