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Career News | Aug. 3, 2021

Why Federal? 5 Benefits of a Government Career

By DCAA Staff Writer

Every day, members of the federal workforce do important work that helps our nation move forward—from public health to agriculture to transportation—while providing solutions for the challenges our Nation faces. Some people, however, may not consider a federal career in their field, or even know that career opportunities exist for them in the government. Next time you look for a new job, remember these five great benefits of a federal career:

  1. A Career with a Mission - As public servants, we hold a special trust from the Nation that we work hard to uphold. At DCAA, and as an agency in DoD, our contract audits help protect the American taxpayers’ dollars and support our military service members. Your work has significant impact and serves the greater good.
  1. Stability and Security - A federal career affords you peace of mind regarding your job security. As one of the largest employers in the Nation, government careers remain stable, with salaries that are established according to the General Schedule (GS) pay scale. And if you change locations or even federal agencies, your  retirement, leave, and other benefits move with you.
  1. Career Growth Opportunities - Through the GS pay scale, opportunities for advancement in GS level and salary occur at recurring intervals. At DCAA, entry-level employees who meet required performance standards can be reviewed for potential advancement every 52 weeks. Good job performance is key for this fast track to career advancement!
  1. Generous Benefits Packages - Federal employment means that you have choices among exceptional benefits programs to assist you in many aspects and stages of your life. Learn about your options for health insurance, retirement plans, transportation subsidies, financial support for education, and more on our website.
  1. Work-Life Balance - Working for the government affords you the opportunity to thrive in your professional and personal life. With significant paid leave, flexible scheduling, and health and wellness programs available through both federal and DCAA-wide programs, you can avoid burn-out and balance all you do.

DCAA employees work hard every day to protect our country by protecting the warfighter and the American taxpayer. See how you can serve your country and neighbors today.