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Career News | Nov. 29, 2021

Reaching High with the Upward Mobility Program

By DCAA Staff Writer

One of the values DCAA strives to embody is continuous learning, which is seen through several formal career development programs as well as interpersonal values that help foster continuous improvement. One program in particular helps individuals learn skills to lead them to a new career: the Upward Mobility Program.

What is the Upward Mobility Program?

DCAA’s Upward Mobility Program extends the career ladder for current employees by offering them the resources and training necessary to transfer into a different career path. Most notably, the Upward Mobility Program provides employees who do not meet the education required to apply for an auditing position with a path to meet their career goal of becoming an auditor.

Qualification and Participation Requirements

Employees must meet the minimum OPM qualification requirements to be eligible for the program. If selected as a participant, the employee will initially be assigned to the Audit Trainee bridge position at the grade level they currently qualify. Then their background is evaluated to determine what additional education and experience is needed to qualify for the audit position. Participants will receive an Individual Training and Development Plan (IDP) to help document and plan the required experience and formal training. Once the employee successfully completes all the required activities and meets the auditor position requirements, they may be reassigned or promoted to their full performance level as an auditor! You can participate in this program for up to three years, with one six-month extension allowed for demonstrated good cause.

One graduate of the Upward Mobility program is Carol Plourde, who used her experience and knowledge to help others gain auditing skills as an instructor at the Defense Contract Audit Institute (DCAI) in Atlanta, Ga. Moving from administrative professional to auditor provided her with a different perspective on auditing, which she used to instruct and connect with new hires. Carol is now a supervisory auditor in the Bath Iron Works suboffice.

DCAA’s Upward Mobility Program is a tangible commitment by our Agency to strengthen itself from within. By providing additional resources and training to current employees, we are fostering their growth and encouraging continuous learning. Learn more about DCAA and other career opportunities on our website.