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Meet Our Senior Executive Service Team

Director - Terri Dilly

Deputy Director - Debbra Caw

Assistant Director, Human Capital and Resource Management - Vacant

Assistant Director, Operations - Fredrick Carr

Assistant Director, Policy and Quality - Jennifer Desautel

Regional Director, Central Region - Joni Youngberg

Regional Director, Eastern Region - Robert Landry

Regional Director, Western Region - Scott Perry

Deputy Regional Director, Central Region - David Bukauskas

Deputy Regional Director, Eastern Region - Elaine (Daisy) Bradley

Deputy Regional Director, Western Region - Vacant

Corporate Audit Director, Northrop Grumman - Kimberly Moore

Corporate Audit Director, Lockheed Martin and BAE - Angela Moomand

Corporate Audit Director, Boeing - Chanae Jones

Corporate Audit Director, General Dynamics and RTX - Barbara Richon

Director, Field Detachment - Terry Schneider

General Counsel - Patrick Hodges

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