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News | May 5, 2020

Teaching is Influencing Others in a Positive Way

By DCAA Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This is the third in our series celebrating National Teacher Day.

Susanne Gordineer teaches the New Hire Onboarding, Developing an Effective Audit Report, and Data Analytics courses. Prior to instructing, she was a senior auditor in the BAE York Resident Office in York, Pa. Susanne became an instructor because it allowed her to align her personal and developmental goals and offered the opportunity to influence others in a positive way. She says of teaching, “It’s a fantastic learning experience. You’re constantly being challenged to deliver the material in a way that excites every student to see it as fun, embrace it, and want to learn more.”

The courses Susanne instruct span the experience level of DCAA employees from Pathways Interns at the New Hire Onboarding course to those with 30 years or more experience in the Data Analytics course. She finds this variety of students makes instructing very enjoyable, and she also loves having the opportunity to interact with students at all stages of development and from all around the world.  She says her classes take on a life of their own; the energy, experiences, and opinions of the students develop and grow each day the class meets.  She has learned how important it is to be flexible, to adapt to changing environments quickly, and to relinquish control when trying to lead others and maintain an effective and open learning environment. Her students benefit from her experience and flexible teaching methods. As one student stated, “The presentation style of the instructor really kept changing so that everybody could understand it and if need be went about teaching it in a different style, really helpful.”