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News | May 5, 2020

Teaching is Helping People and Watching Them Grow

By DCAA Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: This is the final article in our series celebrating National Teacher Day.

Laurie Wunderley has a passion for helping people and watching them grow. She applies this passion to her students in the Audit Applications course, which is the third course for DCAA’s new auditors. Laurie began teaching at DCAI in November 2018 as an adjunct instructor and became a full time instructor in February 2020 when she also became the course manager for the Supervisory Cornerstone and FAQ Cornerstone courses. 

Before instructing, she was in the Integrity and Quality Assurance Directorate and was also a Supervisory Auditor for five years in the Pittsburgh Branch Office. These two positions gave her the background she uses to relate to her students. She finds providing guidance and instruction very rewarding and for that reason, she applied to become an adjunct instructor.

Laurie enjoys meeting the students and works to explain the material in a way that each student can grasp the concept. She says the best part of teaching is “that moment when the ‘light bulb goes on.’” As students share stories of their DCAA experience as it relates to the subject matter, it shows how engaged they are with the class and their commitment to DCAA. Teaching has made her realize that after 31 years working for DCAA, she still has more to learn.