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Career News | Nov. 30, 2020

What Are DCAA’s TEAMIT Values?

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA has six core values that we aim to exemplify in our daily work. Known as TEAMIT values, they are meant to enhance DCAA’s culture and optimize the work environment. These values are:

Teamwork - We are most effective when we work together, exchange ideas, share knowledge, and listen to each other. Those who demonstrate teamwork consistently show a willingness to listen to the views of others, respect the team’s goals, provide constructive feedback to others, promote discussion, and go the extra mile to do their part.

Excellence - We get outstanding results when we take pride in our work, go beyond the norm, and continually improve. Those with a spirit of excellence set high standards, reflect pride and confidence in their work, demonstrate enthusiasm and dependability, look for ways to improve, and produce high-quality results.

Accountability - We have the courage to take ownership of results, learn from our mistakes, and communicate openly. Those who hold themselves accountable take ownership of the results of their actions without blaming others, encourage others to learn from their mistakes and move forward, clearly convey expectations, and communicate openly and reliably.

Mutual Respect - We respect differences, encourage inclusion, manage conflict well, and create win/win outcomes. Those who practice mutual respect are conHands holding gearssiderate of others' different communication styles, ensure clarity of expectations, practice conflict management skills, encourage inclusive brainstorming, and show commitment to resolutions that benefit all parties. 

Integrity - We act ethically, exhibit professional courtesy, promote fairness, respect confidentiality, and lead by example. Those who demonstrate integrity advocate good ethics, lead by example, respect different opinions and beliefs, promote a fair work environment, respect confidentiality, and exemplify sound character when making decisions.

Trust - We keep commitments, demonstrate transparency, honor contributions, and view mistakes as opportunities. Those who embody the value of trust are open and approachable, honor team members’ contributions, demonstrate transparency, adapt to changes, place trust in others, and promote an atmosphere where mistakes are opportunities to learn.

These Agency values, along with a culture of continuous learning and professional development, make for an environment where employees can grow and thrive professionally. Look for upcoming blogs that explore each value through the lens of our employees’ experience to learn more about working at DCAA!