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Career News | Dec. 10, 2020

How DCAA’s Culture Embodies Its Value of Teamwork

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA’s TEAMIT values are an important aspect of our culture, shaping your employee experience throughout your career. Teamwork is the first value in the TEAMIT acronym, one that is integral to the success of both contract audits and maintaining a culture of continuous learning. See how DCAA employees see the value of teamwork embodied at every level of the Agency.

“People take time to help you out. If anyone needs any help, [or] if someone is going through something, you know your team will be there for you. My director regularly sends out messages to ask how people are feeling and to make sure everyone knows they’re supported.”

- Maria Fernandes, Auditor

“As a first year auditor, you are paired with a more senior auditor. The senior auditor will lead meetings and guide you through the process. At least two additional people are working on every audit. It is a very collaborative process that demonstrates how invested everyone is in the job and in supporting one another’s careers.”

- Matt Dembski, Auditor

“Teamwork is huge at DCAA. We all have our niches that we know how to do, so we share our expertise and learn from one another. We also tag-team audits, so an experienced auditor is paired with a less experienced one. That way the [less experienced auditor] can gain different experiences. We want our team to know that you're never stranded on an island; there are always other people to back you up and help you out when you need something.”

- Kody Quast, Supervisory Auditor

New auditors are assigned coaches or mentors as part of [two] Agency-wide programs. These coaches help with career paths and foster growth. Mentoring doesn’t end when the programs do. There will continue to be interaction between senior management and auditors throughout their career.”

- Jennifer Kang, Division Chief

“Most audits are in a team environment. When we develop teams, we look at everyone’s backgrounds to build a diverse group that will ensure success. The DCAA family atmosphere is also very important. We band together to get through tough situations like COVID. We constantly check in with each other to make sure everyone is staying safe and feels supported.”

- Jason Besser, Regional Audit Manager

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