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Career News | Jan. 19, 2021

How DCAA Employees Embody the TEAMIT Value of Excellence

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA’s TEAMIT values are at the core of our culture and set a standard for employees to embody in their everyday work. Excellence is the second value in the TEAMIT acronym and is demonstrated by those who set high standards for themselves, produce high quality results, take pride in their work, and are continuously looking for ways to improve. DCAA employees see the value of excellence embodied in a multitude of ways throughout the Agency.

Doing meaningful work for a mission that matters is a great incentive for outstanding performance. “The stuff we're doing is not just facts and figures. You're working with people from all over the world, dealing with things that you never thought you would. Work we do hits CNN and the Washington Post homepage. It's remarkable the impact that my day to day work can have on the world.”

- Justin Carder, Branch Manager

DCAA acknowledges that on-the-job learning is just as valuable as what is taught in the DCAI classroom. Our staff works to instill knowledge in new auditors to help them succeed in their assignments. “I meet bi-weekly with my sponsor and the rest of the office new hires, and we use those times to discuss work and any questions we may have. I also know that anytime I have a question, I am free to ask whoever I think will be able to help.”

- Ronald Vonberge, Intern

There is always something to learn and be challenged by. When I first started, I worked with senior auditors, but I would gradually be given more complex audits. I am still constantly learning and looking at new GAGAS [Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards] and ASC [Accounting Standards Codification] policies coming out. Every position is challenging and very rewarding.”

- Jennifer Kang, Division Chief

DCAA employees are always willing to assist and mentor new employees to help them meet their high-quality standards and help them improve in their careers. “This is probably the best working environment I've worked in. The supervisors and other auditors are always helpful and willing to teach me new things. The work is fulfilling, and I enjoy doing it.”

- Zachary Cooper, Intern

DCAA employees reflect pride in the fact that they consistently go above and beyond to produce high quality results, and the Agency rewards those efforts. Read the article “What Are DCAA’s TEAMIT Values?” to learn more about DCAA’s other core values and how they are integrated into our mission and culture.