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Career News | Sept. 21, 2021

Five Skills DCAA Auditors Need to Have

By DCAA Staff Writer

While it goes without saying that auditors need strong financial literacy, there are a myriad of other skills that help make a DCAA auditor successful. A few of these skills include the following:

Communication - DCAA auditors need to be able to tactfully communicate with contractors and other members of the audit team throughout the auditing process. Whether you are writing an audit report or giving a presentation of findings, auditors must be able to clearly communicate their data and ideas. The ability to translate complex jargon into concise information is invaluable.

Technology - The technology we use is rapidly changing and auditors need to be able to acclimate themselves to new best practices. This includes staying up to date on Microsoft suite training, digital storage tools, data processing software, and analytical reporting tools.

Critical Thinking - Auditors should be able to go beyond simply understanding information. Rather, they need to analyze and provide insights into what the data means and identify trends or anomalies. Being able to see all sides of a problem and suggest unique solutions is part of what gives DCAA auditors a strategic edge in their field. 

Healthy Dose of Skepticism - In this line of work, your job is to not take everything at face value. The mission of DCAA auditors is to support the warfighter and protect the taxpayer by making sure contract costs are fair and reasonable. To do this, our auditors need to approach each audit with a degree of professional skepticism to make sure there is sufficient documentation and compliance.

Leadership - While all of the above skills contribute to one’s leadership capabilities, leadership skills go beyond technical or job-specific capabilities. This includes one’s level of emotional intelligence, integrity, and your ability to motivate a team. Developing these characteristics allows DCAA auditors to succeed in being both a team leader and a mentor.

Want to learn more about what makes a great DCAA auditor? Check out our website and see if a career at DCAA is right for you.