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Career News | Oct. 4, 2021

The Many Locations for DCAA Positions

By DCAA Staff Writer

The opportunity to work across the United States and potentially overseas is among the many benefits of a career with DCAA. DCAA offers jobs for auditors and many other essential positions in human resources, training, information technology, and other specialties throughout the country and beyond. Whether you have your career sights set on a specific location or want to stay close to home, there’s likely a DCAA office nearby.

DCAA Headquarters

DCAA national headquarters is in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, just a few miles from Washington, DC.

Regional Headquarters

Three regional headquarters direct audit activities within their geographic regions:

  • Eastern Region Headquarters - Smyrna, Georgia
  • Central Region Headquarters - Irving, Texas
  • Western Region Headquarters - La Palma, California

Corporate Audit Directorates (CADs)

CADs direct DCAA audits for DoD’s major defense contractors. They work closely with branch offices within their assigned areas to complete contract audit services for these contractors.

  • CAD – Northrop Grumman, McLean, Virginia
  • CAD – Raytheon and General Dynamics, Lowell, Massachusetts
  • CAD – Boeing, St. Louis, Missouri
  • CAD – Lockheed Martin and BAE, Fort Worth, Texas

DCAA Offices

DCAA has offices throughout 41 states. A “resident” office is located within a defense contractor’s facilities, where auditors specialize in audits of that particular contractor. A “branch” office consists of auditors who travel to conduct audits of various defense contractors.

Field Detachment

DCAA’s Field Detachment offices handle audits for classified contracts for cutting-edge military technology. These audit positions require further security clearance.

Defense Contract Audit Institute (DCAI)

DCAI, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is our very own accredited education institute that develops and delivers training for DCAA personnel at every level, from entry to expert. This is where DCAA all employees learn the ins and outs of government contract auditing, and gain leadership and more complex audit skills throughout their time at the Agency. Auditors who are interested can also spend up to three years as an instructor at DCAI.

Visit the DCAA website to see office locations by state, and also those outside the Continental United States.