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Career News | March 15, 2022

Transitioning to DCAA From Other Careers

By DCAA Staff Writer

It’s rare to know exactly what you want out of your career when you’re first entering the workplace, and desired experiences may change throughout different stages of life. Often, people make a few transitions in their careers, learning various skills and exploring various industries. Learn about some of the unique journeys DCAA employees took that led them to the Agency.

The Private Sector

Some employees experience very different careers before coming to DCAA. “I completely started over later in life,” noted Supervisory Auditor Brian Green. “I transitioned from a mid-management level job with McDonald's Corporation, that I had been with for 28 years, to an auditor within a federal agency. I wish that I made the change earlier due to the wonderful benefits—and it was also wonderful to prove to myself that you’re never too old to learn something new and thrive at it!”

Auditor Kassandra Ellingson shares another experience of transitioning from a different field. “My background is in foster care work. DCAA hired me when I graduated with my Master's in Professional Accountancy. People told me that government work is stagnant and never changes [or that] I would not be able to advance in my career. None of that has turned out to be true.”

Other Government Agencies

Some DCAA employees also transfer from other agencies in the federal government. “I transitioned to DCAA from a state agency. The transition was smooth and came with better pay and hours, better advancement opportunities, and better work,” said Supervisory Auditor Kody Quast. Another employee reminisced on how she initially left DCAA, only to find that she wanted to return. “I left DCAA to work at another federal agency as a contract specialist, but decided to come back to DCAA,” Investigative Support Auditor Karyn Yanochko said.


“I served in the Army for seven years,” said Assistant for Quality/Supervisor Keith Richardson. He had another career after the military, but notes that finding a position at DCAA “was something different and a way to serve my country since leaving the military. I was in sync with the Agency's mission.”

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