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News | July 23, 2020

Team Building across Eastern Region

By DCAA Staff Writer

DCAA’s Eastern Region is conducting a series of virtual team building events to increase camaraderie. The first event was a trivia contest, which, while successful, had questions that were deemed “too easy” by the participants. Regional Director Don McKenzie and Deputy Director Cathy Carrell, event hosts, increased the level of difficulty and round two featured a series of riddles with multiple questions that were a bit more challenging.

Speed and accuracy are key to winning. Once the riddles are emailed, process work teams meet and the first teams to submit correct answers are declared the winners. At a later date, the winning teams meet virtually to select their prizes. However, prizes are selected using a white elephant type of process, which adds to the fun.  Prior prizes have included a pizza party for the team, a day to shadow a Regional Audit Manager, and a team meeting with the Regional Director, who brings donuts.

The second event had 60 teams participate and plans are underway for round three. Ashley Graham, Auditor at the Hampton Roads Office, said of these events, “as a new employee with the agency, I really appreciate the comradery these challenges help to further foster within my team.  I have a great team and I can truly say I work for a great agency.”