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News | Jan. 5, 2022

Sierra Branch Office Earns High Customer Reviews

By DCAA Staff Writer

The audit team of Cleve Arakaki, Branch Manager, Francine Yee, Supervisory Auditor, Steve Schilling, FAO Assistant for Quality, and Senior Auditors Claudia Crigan and Jeena Tran earned all very positive reviews on a customer satisfaction survey. The team audited an $11 million proposal for hydrological and hydraulic programming services for the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The team examined the direct labor rates questioning 13 of 22 proposed labor rates. They also questioned the overhead rate due to unallowable costs such as party facility rental, health benefits and unamortized costs for computers and related equipment. The contractor concurred with all audit findings.

During the exit conference, the contracting office complimented the audit team on their professionalism stating the support and information provided was transparent, timely, and value added. The contracting officer stated he was very impressed with the support and services the team provided and that it changed his impression of DCAA. He further commented he would encourage others to utilize DCAA services as a direct result of how the team performed during the audit.