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News | March 23, 2022

Women's History Month - Celebrating Mentorships

By DCAA Staff Writer

How do you find a mentor? You can look to formal mentoring programs, friends, and coworkers. Supervisory Auditor Kody Quast, Mountain View Branch Office, has found coworkers to be among the best mentors.  

Kody started with DCAA in April 2009 in the Salt Lake Valley Branch Office and met his mentor, Joni Youngberg, shortly after. She was one of his first supervisors and made a positive impression on his professional development. After a couple years, their paths diverged as they each moved on to other positions. Kody had a couple of other mentors who helped him progress and then once again, Joni was in his supervisory chain. He worked as part of the DCAA Central Region Incurred Cost Branch 1 and Joni later became the Regional Audit Manager over the office. Working as part of the same team made Kody realize how much he valued the advice and mentorship from Joni and they have had regular conversations since that time.

Kody considers Joni one of the best mentors. “She has helped me since I was a new hire until now. She has an open door policy and has always been willing to answer any question I have,” states Kody.  “She has provided me with great advice on topics from audit guidance to career input.  I know I can always trust her input as she has gone through everything we go through on a daily basis.  She has always been a great friend and mentor!”

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