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News | Oct. 11, 2023

Preparing Future DoD Leaders for Success

By DCAA Staff Writer

The Directors Developmental Program in Leadership (DDPL) is the essential program that helps prepare the next generation of leaders throughout the DoD. Recently, the program’s newest cohort started their career development journey in Atlanta at the end of September. DDPL is a 13-month program that plays a pivotal role in preparing participants for high-level leadership roles and Senior Executive Service positions throughout their careers.  

The DDPL structure is intentionally designed to promote and prepare participants into senior-level leaders. To successfully graduate this program, participants attend monthly seminars at 10 prestigious universities and military commands throughout the country. These seminars teach participants the essential skills and knowledge they need for success. Understanding the importance of practical application, members of this cohort will put their skills to the test in two capstone activities at the end of the program. These capstones have participants apply the concepts and theories from the seminars to the real world.

DCAA is a proud supporter of this program. Many DCAA graduates successfully transition to leadership roles as a testament to the importance of this program. Congratulations to all the participants in the newest cohort!

  • Fontaine Chapman
  • Nicole M. Spruill
  • Avelino (Tony) Munoz
  • Michael L. Mandolfo
  • Kevin Cassidy
  • Brian Reinhart
  • Michael Quant
  • Nancy R. Spinney
  • Joseph P. Merryweather
  • Gabriela L. Meenan
  • Robert G. Kilburn
  • Jaclyn H. Parziale
  • LaTonya Johnson
  • Scott R. Kozenski
  • Lisa L. Steenburn
  • Matthew Browne
  • Steven E. Butler
  • Maxwell Walens
  • Corey Squires
  • Kimberly Carder