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News | Nov. 8, 2023

Commencement Ceremony Celebrates DDPL Graduates

By DCAA Staff Writer

The Director’s Development Program in Leadership (DDPL) recognized 25 new graduates on Friday, November 4. DDPL is an 18-month long executive level leadership program that plays a pivotal role preparing participants for high-level leadership roles and Senior Executive Service positions.

Participants attend monthly seminars at 10 prestigious universities and military commands throughout the country. These seminars teach participants the essential skills and knowledge they need for success.

Mr. Ray Woods from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) summarized, “Throughout the program, we explored a broader range of topics, from leadership and management to innovation and strategic thinking. We engaged in thought-provoking discussions, collaborated with brilliant minds, and absorbed insights from industry experts. The classroom dynamic was lively and interactive.”

Two capstone activities required students to apply classroom knowledge to the real world. Graduates received briefings on how the defense budget is built and implemented at the Pentagon and Capitol Hill. Mr. Woods noted, “Not only did we learn how to use all the competencies, we learned more about ourselves as leaders. ‘Knowledge is like paint. It does no good until it’s applied.’”

Ms. Debbra Caw, Deputy Director of DCAA, offered congratulations to the cohort, “You are our future. You are the vision of the next DoD leaders. You are already leading now.”

This year’s graduates are from seven organizations: Defense Contract Audit Agency, Defense Logistics Agency, Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC), US Air Force (USAF), US Army Audit Agency (USAAA), US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and US Marine Corps (USMC).

Congratulations to all the graduates of this cohort!

 Mr. Michael C. Alston - DLA

 Ms. Shawn H. Moore - DCAA

 Ms. LaSheena T. Bentley - USACE

 Mr. James Moreno Proctor Jr. - USMC

 Ms. Angelika A. Bryant - USAAA

 Mr. Lawrence W. Noggle III - DCCA

 Mr. David Bukauskas - DCAA

 Ms. Lorrie R. Owens - USMC

 Ms. Monique B. Duncan - DCAA

 Ms. Ida L. Pham - DCAA

 Mr. Erich Gabris - DLA

 Ms. Kari Riskedahl - DLA

 Ms. Cornesia N. Green - DCAA

 Ms. Angie M. Talley - DCAA

 Mr. Patrick J. Higgins - DCAA

 Mr. Donnie L. Tew II - USACE

 Ms. Linda F. Jones - NAVFAC

 Mr. Joshua J. Toma - DCAA

 Ms. Karen Beth Keller - DLA

 Mr. John M Williams - DLA

 Mr. Brian G. Lark - USAF

 Ms. Angela M. Wilson - USACE

 Mr. Joel Lehman - DCAA

 Mr. Ray A. Woods - DLA

 Ms. Jaime N. Meyer - DCAA